The Productivity & Performance Sprint

Stop wasting time. Start making progress.

with Sahar Yousef and Lucas Miller

October 10-25, 2022

2-week sprint

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Sahar Yousef and Lucas Miller

Welcome to the Productivity & Performance Sprint

When was the last time you did deep, focused work without being interrupted? We’ll teach you to build a science-based plan that increases your productivity and crushes your goals with less stress.

Module 1

To better operate in today’s fast-paced, highly-disruptive environment, you need to optimize your focus. Learn how the brain works and begin implementing strategies that minimize distractions, strengthen focus and maximize meaningful work.

Lesson 2: Remove distractions

Before you can optimize your productivity, it helps to minimize distractions — your productivity drainers. Whether you work from home or in an office, there are a few simple ways you can redesign your work environment to enhance your attention and set yourself up for success.

Lesson 3: MITS

There’s a biological reason why we gravitate toward quick, easy tasks like sending emails or responding to Slack messages, rather than tackling slower, more difficult tasks. Implement a proven system to fight against your biological tendency, reduce procrastination and prioritize your most important work that will really move the needle in your career.

Lesson 3 case study: Drive your day

Discover how Anna Lem, Director of Performance Solutions at Google, used MITs to guide her colleagues to become one of the most productive teams within her organization.

Lesson 4: FOCUS sprints

Multitasking is mistakenly touted as a skill, yet excessive multitasking not only wastes time, it hurts your well-being. Instead, practice the five-step FOCUS Sprint method to focus on one task at a time and accomplish more work in fewer hours.  

Lesson 4 case study: Find FOCUS at work

Discover how FOCUS sprints can be implemented across varied work environments. Stephen Odell, a Business Analytics Manager at Gordian, uses focus sprints to boost his productivity while working from home. And at Abbott Labs, a sales team implements focus sprints as a group.

Module 2

Along with focus, you must also strategically manage your energy to be your most productive self. Identify the components of high-quality rest to refuel your energy and better understand your body’s natural rhythms so that you can hit peak productivity every day.

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Module 3

Take a step back to reflect on how your daily grind connects to your greater goals. With a clear understanding of your ”ultimate whys”, you can break your biggest aspirations down into smaller, more manageable pieces that you can conquer day-by-day.

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Module 4

Now, learn how to create sustainable habits to bridge your daily routine to your greatest life goals. Become superhuman – by getting your most important work done, in less time, with less stress.

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Live classes and events

Every Section4 sprint includes live classes, discussions, and meetups to help you solidify the concepts in the sprint and grow your community.

Live Sprint Kickoff

Live Sprint Kickoff

Meet your cohort and learn insider tips to get the most out of the sprint.

Live Case Discussion

Live Case Discussion

Work with your TA and fellow sprinters to apply the course concepts to real business problems.

Cohort Meetup

Cohort Meetup

Get to know the group you're sprinting with at our cohort meetup event.

Live Class

Live Class #1

Join a live class with our instructors.

Guest Lecturer

Guest Lecture

Join a live lecture with our guest lecturer.

Live Class

Live Class #2

Join a live class with our instructors.

Live Project Workshop

Live Project Workshop

Review your project with your peers and receive real time feedback.

What to look forward to

Professor and TA interaction. Our world-class professors and teaching staff are here to help you make the most of the experience.

Lifetime network. Connect with professionals from 60+ countries and across industries to gain fresh perspective from like-minded leaders.

High-impact project. Apply the frameworks and strategies from the sprint to a real problem at work.

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